Tuesday and Wednesday Hooping Classes, begin Tuesday January 4th through Wednesday, April 27th, at Portsmouth Middle School on Jepson Lane from 6:30 to 7:30pm.  Classes are $10 per class.  Please spread the word.  If there is no school, there is no class.


SUELA HOOPS are handmade by Susan Whitney, the Suela Hooper. They are much larger than ones purchased in stores. They are weighted and made for adult bodies so they are easier to use.

Please let me share with you my experiences of becoming the Suela Hooper:

I got hooked on hooping the very first day that I tried a hula hoop. I remember hooping for hours and trying to dance with it, but not very successfully. I was determined, though. When my sister stopped by she wanted to try it, too. Then and there I realized I needed more than one hoop! I didnít want to stand around watching her hula hoop, I wanted to hoop with her.

I began making my own hula hoops within two weeks. My friends and neighbors all wanted one and we began hooping in my backyard to music. Pretty soon I had people wanting their friends and family to have their own hoops and I began selling them like crazy!

I opened my yard to all the people that wanted to hoop and learn the tricks that I was learning to perfect. I had weekly hooplas and people of all ages would come and laugh and enjoy a great workout. Many of those that continued to come and hoop would notice a change in their bodies; weight loss, inches lost, and total enjoyment.

I have learned that hooping is not just a hoop going around your waist but a total body/mind/spirit workout. It is a connection with family, friends, and people I have never met before. Hooping works your cardio, balance, and strengthens your core and more. It is heart pumping from head to toe with laughter as your base. How great is that?

Call: Susan Whitney @401- 575-7651 or email me at

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